How does Dapoxetine work?

The medication operation of this drug is rather simple but effective. Dapoxetine reduces the process of taking serotonin the hormone of happiness having an impact on brain nerve cells. As a result, the body begins to have some effect, due to which, the duration of sexual activity increases fourfold. It does not disturb the normal processes of the body, but highlights important ones at one time or another and slightly corrects their effect. Thanks to this approach, the drug achieves an excellent performance without undesirable side effects and harm to health.

Dapoxetine is recommended for men who suffer from early ejaculation or want to lengthen the sexual act. Dapoxetine is a drug that stops the processes of early ejaculation and prolongs the duration of the sexual act four times. If you have problems with this, you should try Dapoxetine. The effect of this drug will exceed all your expectations. You will fully enjoy your sex life. Do not think, just do it. If you are already experiencing this problem, contact your doctor and ask for advice on how to take Dapoxetine. And start taking the drug.

Like any medicine in the world, Dapoxetine has contraindications that must be strictly observed. It is strictly forbidden to take this drug to women and people under 18 years or 64+ years. It is forbidden to take Dapoxetine for Canadians along with alcoholic beverages.

Patients with liver and kidney diseases can take Dapoxetine strictly only after a visit to a specialist and examination. If you have heart disease, issues with blood vessels, heart failure you shouldn’t take this medication and similar medications. If you suffer from fever, diarrhea, or dehydration, don’t take Dapoxetine. Taking alcoholic beverages along with the drug can increase the side effects dramatically.

The use of Dapoxetine should be carried out strictly according to the purpose or recommendation of a specialist. Dapoxetine should be taken an hour before the sexual act in the amount of 60 mg per treatment. The pill is washed down with enough water. Taking Dapoxetine does not depend on meals. The duration of its effect on the body is up to 12 hours. If for some reason you have to reduce the effect, then you should reduce the dosage twice and take 30 mg.

In addition, with prolonged and constant taking of Dapoxetine, it is possible to achieve normalization of ejaculation. For this, it is necessary to this drug for some time. The duration of the course is determined by a doctor who monitors your state of health. Address the expert in the nearest hospital or your private doctor and after the examination, you will learn an optimum dosage and time of taking the drug.